The services we work with


Your recordings should appear wherever fans discover new music. We will deliver your tracks to all the most popular digital platforms, and the list of our distribution channels is constantly growing..



Swedish streaming service offering access to music in a freemium model (listening to music is interrupted by ads), and in a paid premium plan, which allows you to listen to music without ads.

Apple Music

Apple’s streaming service. For a monthly fee, Apple Music subscribers have access to ad-free music, including lossless audio files – at no extra charge and without having to purchase a separate subscription. The service also offers content using the Dolby Atmos spatial audio technology.


Tidal is a subscription streaming service that was the first to adopt the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology, enabling lossless compression of digital music making it possible to listen to music in studio quality (such recordings are identified as “master” in the service).
It also offers access to recordings in the Dolby Atmos technology. Users can choose between premium and HiFi plans.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a streaming subscription service with a freemium model (with ads) and a premium plan, offering users a library of recordings and music videos without ads. Having content published on YouTube Music means the possibility of reaching over one billion users across the entire YouTube platform – the so-called Art Track, i.e. the track with the cover art, is featured in the YouTube search engine as a video with the comments turned off.


TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. It allows users to upload short videos to which they can sync with music from their track library. The app offers music discovery features and provides a platform to promote tracks virally thanks to its huge reach.


Facebook Music makes it possible to disseminate and promote music for instance via Facebook Stories. This is full-screen content that disappears after 24 hours. Users can add music and lyrics to their photos and videos, creating a soundtrack for the story. To add music to a story, you need to select the Music sticker from the sticker panel, choose a track and then use the slider to select a segment of the song. Facebook Music is also a tool for protecting the rights to recordings.


Instagram Music makes it possible to disseminate and promote music in Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels. To add music to a story, you need to tap the Music sticker, choose a track and then use the slider to select a segment of the song. Users can discover new music through the music browser or the Reels tab. The browser suggests music in the “For You” section and allows you to search for a specific song or artist.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a platform that offers both a subscription streaming service (Amazon Music Unlimited) and a music store operated by Amazon, allowing users to purchase individual songs and albums in a digital format.

TikTok Music

TikTok Music is a music streaming platform that brings new ways to listen. You can stream your favourite music from TikTok and discover new and emerging artists, explore the unique community features that help you express yourself and connect with fellow music lovers.


A free, comprehensive video editor, available to everyone. Ensure flexible editing, magical AI tools to create videos and add your favorite music to them


A streaming service offering subscribers a choice between several plans: free, premium, and HiFi. Users choosing Deezer HiFi additionally have access to the 360 by Deezer app, which regularly expands its catalogue of recordings using the 360 Reality Audio spatial sound technology.


Shazam is an app making it possible to identify music by recognising the title and performer of a song on the basis of a recorded fragment. To allow the app to identify the sound, you should launch it and let it listen to the recording for at least a few seconds.



SoundCloud is an online platform for artists who make music – the portal allows them to showcase their own tracks and other users to discuss them. Artists can also create their own profiles and upload recordings directly to them. SoundCloud Go is a subscription streaming service to which tracks are provided by the distributor, just like in the case of other digital services.


Tencent Music

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) is the operator of the leading online music platforms in China, including KuGuo Music, the world’s largest subscription service, with hundreds of millions of active users every month. Through Tencent, music is delivered to Chinese music platforms KuGou, QQ, and Kuwo.



Beatport is an US online music store with electronic music, offering only this particular genre. Beatport sells complete tracks, caters mainly for the needs of DJs, and offers resources that can be used for remixes.


Napster (formerly Rhapsody) is a subscription streaming service that offers several plans – depending on the price, users have access to specific libraries and features of the service.


NetEase Cloud Music is the most rapidly growing music service in China. According to data provided by the service, 50% of all music its users listen to is international music, which makes it a perfect platform for international labels and artists to showcase their work. Its built-in social network, NetEase Fan Connect, makes it a music social networking service, providing artists with a platform to connect directly with their fans.


Anghami is the leading streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa. It offers Arabic and international music in a freemium and premium model.


Boomplay is currently Africa’s largest and most rapidly growing music streaming subscription app.


Resso is a music streaming app focused on social media use. Artists can create profiles, publish social media posts using their own lyrics, promote tracks and interact directly with users. With its recommendation algorithm and the innovative product features, the app hopes to become the most influential platform for music discovery and artist promotion.


An online service initially publishing only music videos from international music labels: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI. It currently works also with independent labels, and operates only within the YouTube platform.


iTunes is Apple’s online store where users can purchase digital files (including selected songs and albums) and download them to their devices.

An online store offering the possibility of purchasing individual songs or albums in a digital format.


Halodzwonek is a custom ringback tone – the sound we hear when calling someone on their mobile phone. By sending a text message with the appropriate code to the indicated number, the user can set a selected track instead of the standard ringing tone. The service is offered under a monthly plan.